Lee Swank


i’m attracted to females
but i just couldn’t see myself with one

if i become a licensed tattoo artist i might f*ck around & never go back to school.

vxibes said: You are BEAUTIFUL oh my god

thank you love 😘

guy: are you single?
me: i'm single-handedly out of your league.

lonzogang said: Yo I think you're talented as fuck.

well fuck, thank you for noticing lol.

zombieofthetrill said: U got kik?

pft wot is a kik? lol no.

naterev said: Too damn attractive. Too damn talented. Lemme just go ahead and forget I found you so I can go on with my life never knowing that I had found the one. <3

aaaah i aint even shit yet lol, but thank you for glancing beyond my appearance into my talents ✨