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dwdesign (Kilian Eng)

wow. just wow.

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myswagupthere asked: can i have a kiss?

um, naaaaah lol

it’s reviving and relieving

to be need free of make believing

being greedy,

is easy


Jasmine Tookes featured in “A fashionable woman wears clothes. The clothes don’t wear her” photographed by Walter Chin for  Glass Magazine’s Spring 2014 issue. Makeup by Sarah Appleby using Chanel Beauty. Hair by Herve for Davines. Fashion Editor: Sarah Cobb

oh my gad she’s perfection!

tommyrealnigga asked: right, I aint mean no harm by it...just didn't really kno whatelse to call ya :)

you can call me Breanna

i like the women on your blog, but not your blog entirely lol. i follow those that relate to fashion.

tommyrealnigga asked: Can I get a follow shorty?;)

i’m not your shorty though.